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From Lori D

Devon did a great job training us and our 1.5 year old lab, Piper. We like the individual training and that Devon stays focused on what WE are concerned about or want Piper to learn. My husband and I aren’t very good trainers and we have completely different styles of handling Piper. Devon taught us how to be consistent with her, regardless of our style. And he doesn’t do it with shock or vibrating collars. We’ll continue to ask for Devon’s help whenever we need it.

From Nichole H

Devon is an amazing trainer and we are so fortunate to have him in our community. He was able to work with our chihuahua and pit bull mix dogs and was great with each of them. He has patience and knowledge that is hard to find anywhere else and he will personalize the training to fit your individual needs. I highly recommend Devon for any dog training needs!

From Crys K

Devon is genuinely interested in your success in correcting your dog’s unsavory behavior. He’s patient with both dogs and humans in order to achieve desired results. He worked with me and my 9 week old puppy, teaching her (me) all the basics from sit, wait, and stay to learning to walk on leash and to stop whining when kenneled. He uses positive reinforcement (no shock collars!) as his teaching method, which I prefer and personally find more effective. Whether you need help correcting aggressive behavior or just want your dog to stop pulling when on leash, he Devon can definitely help you out.

From Rene G

I would highly recommend Devon to help assist training their dog. With his assistance, our puppy Diamond is a well behaved dog. Thank you Devon, you’re the best!

Hi Devon,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Koda. 

He’s doing fabulously. He actually goes with us each week to visit Greg’s mom (who is now in a care facility) in Loveland. The other residents, in addition to Greg’s mom, pet him and give him treats. He truly seems to enjoy going there to see them (and being spoiled by them). 

In addition, we walked him through Home Depot this past weekend and he was almost too friendly. He wanted to approach/was interested in everyone, and was getting in the way a bit. I said to Greg, he doesn’t seem like the same dog that we had last September. 

Thank you, again, for the work that you did with him. I hope you’re having a great spring. Maybe one of these Saturdays we’ll run into you at the dog park nearby. 

Thanks, Devon,

Jen Sommer Sheppard