Devon’s K9 Training, Boarding & Daycare

All Dogs go to Devon!

About Us


Our goal is to help dogs and their owners better understand one another so that they have happy and satisfying relationships. For over 15 years, Devon has been studying canine behavior and is able to train, even the most aggressive dogs, through positive reinforcement. We work with you to ensure the dog’s adjusted behaviors are sustainable at home.


Before enrolling in training, we offer a free in-home consultation. During this visit, we will evaluate your dog and work with you to determine what type of training will work best for both you and your pet.


When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. With our training and the proper skills, we guarantee you will enjoy spending the quality time with your dog that they desire.

Training Services

In-Home Training (6 Sessions)


We come to your house and do all the training one-on-one and teach you how to do the commands

Board & Train


We do all the grunt work for you by working with your dog in our facility for 7 days, which allows us to expedite training. Once your dog has mastered the basic obedience commands, we will teach you how to utilize them successfully in your own home. We understand that effectively training/managing your dog can be on-going process and we are willing to come back for follow-up visits, as needed, at no additional charge.

Board & Train (Aggressive Modifications)


This is a 2 week program specifically designed for aggressive dogs. We will socialize your pup and introduce them to dogs and/or people, as well as train the basic obedience commands. We are committed to addressing any behavioral issues your dog is experiencing.

Doggy Daycare

Half-Day (4 hours)


1 dog

Full-Day (8 hours)


1 dog

If client is within 6 month training period; the get half off on any daycare/packages

Board & Trains

2 Weeks (Normal)


2 Weeks (Aggressive)


Doggy Daycare Punch Pass

5-Day Pass


10-Day Pass


20-Day Pass


10-Day Half Day Punch Pass


10-Day Half Day Punch Pass


5-Day Full Day (2 Dogs)


Overnight Boarding

All of our boarded dogs get to come out and play with the daycare dogs for no additional fee. Socialization is very important to us!

One Night (1 dog)


2 Dogs Per Night


3 Dogs Per Night


4 Dogs Per Night


No Shock Collars!

Positive Reinforcement 

Dogs act in certain ways because they don’t know that they can’t. Rather than using shock collars and harsh punishment, we take the time to teach dogs right from wrong through the use of positive reinforcement.

Can be included in training sessions
Canine good citizen evaluations